Monthly Archive for: ‘December, 2011’

Octatrack Preview


Ok, so I lied about yesterday’s blog post being the last one of the year, oops.   As I mentioned then, I just received an Elektron Octatrack, and I’ve since been getting tons of people contacting me with questions about it and wanting to see some video.  So I knocked together this really quick before I start my mastering work …

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What Plug-In?


As I was cruising different forums this morning, it was pretty apparent that some people had gotten a bit of money for the holidays, and were looking to do some shopping.  I found it kind of funny though that so many people were looking to plug-ins to solve all of their music writing dilemmas.  Certainly some plug-ins are better than …

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Production Q&A #5


Well it’s taken a few weeks, but I’ve finally had enough people submit some questions that I can write up another Production Q&A. So, let’s get to #5 then: 1. Reverbs and delays are often used on aux channels to give some space and depth to a mix.  Seeing as how you are not actually putting these effects on any …

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Well, as followers of my blog no doubt know, I’ve long been a huge fan of “grooveboxes” for making music.  I’ve owned most of them over the years, and always found their self-contained nature inspiring and downright fun to play.  So I was pretty interested a couple of years ago when Native Instruments announced Maschine, which was touted as a …

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The Live PA Interview


A few weeks back I was interviewed by Ali Berger, a student at Tufts University in Boston.  He was working on a paper for a class called “Sketch Studies Today”, and wanted to pick my brain about different aspects of how I do my live sets, specifically my “Wired Roots” live set that I posted on YouTube.  You can find more …

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Sound Quality: Live versus Logic


As a lot of people know, I tend to frequent a lot of various music-related forums throughout the day.  Every now and then (approximately every 18 minutes) I end up running into a thread discussing which DAW sounds better.  Or as some people like to say, which DAW has the best sounding “Summing Engine”.  Now, I’ve looked into this in …

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