New Track – Ridgeline


Ridgeline – Downtempo – 02-09-2011 New track I just finished up, downtempo one this time (err… as usual maybe).  Beats were all from Stylus RMX, synths were Omnisphere and Synplant, edited, arranged, and mixed in Logic.  No real reason I used Logic versus Live, it was the first DAW I opened this time.  🙂  WAV and FLAC versions available at …

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Common Track Issues


One of the most common emails I get from people, generally goes along the lines of “hey man, can you listen to my song and let me know what you think it needs?”. I always freely offer mixdown advice to my clients before they come to me for a mastering job, but it’s just not something I can do for …

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Know Your Limitations


One of my favorite ways of coming up with new ideas for songs, is to limit the options or tools I use during the composition process. I’m sure a lot of this is born from earlier times when I first got into music making, as I just didn’t have the money to spend on a lot of gear (and back …

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The Quietman Album


As most of you know, one of the valued members of the Ableton forums (Martin Brown, aka Leedsquietman) passed away unexpectedly in December, leaving behind his wife and three kids.  Further adding to the tragedy, his mother passed away while preparing to attend his funeral.  To raise money and help out his family, a number of us from the different …

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Just Because


Before I get started with the topic this week, it appears I need to make a clarification on the purpose of this blog.  As with my Production Guides, this blog’s only purpose is give me somewhere to voice my thoughts on different topics.  I’m not trying to say my ideas or working methods are the “right” or only way to …

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“Cache” – New Monomachine track


Cache – Downtempo – 01-11-2011 Available in Wav and FLAC versions from Cache @ Addictech Here’s a new tune I just finished, using only the Elektron Monomachine again.  Everything was sequenced using pattern mode for the most part, I merely used the Song Sequencer to arrange the patterns sequentially one after the other.    Interesting way of working, made …

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Learn To Forget


Recently I was watching an excellent documentary on origami called “Beyond The Fold”, and in it there were a lot of parallels I found with people who make music.  One of the points that some of the ‘older’ artists brought up, was that people just new to the art form spent so much time concentrating on technique, versus emotional message.  …

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Quit your day job?


Right around the beginning of the year, when everyone seems to be making new resolutions and goals, I tend to get a lot of people asking for advice on how to get a career in the music industry.  What do you have to do in order to quit the day job, and just do something music related for a living? …

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Traktor S4 – Long term use


Well, I’m not totally sure I’m going to sell it yet, but it’s definitely something I’m considering.  I have a feeling we’ll see an update around Winter NAMM, so I’m waiting to see how responsive NI is to user requests before I make up my mind.  If I do sell, likely somewhere around $799. As for it being a love …

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You have gas


GAS, what most musicians know as Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  That never-ending feeling that you have to have the latest and greatest in gear to make your music better.  It’s something we all struggle with, and it can be both a blessing and a curse. There’s no denying that new gear helps trigger fresh bursts of creativity, just the mere fact …

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