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I was going through some of my older tracks one day last week and decided it was time to to put together a mix of some of my more uptempo tracks from days gone by.  Some of these songs are 6-7 years old (and sound like it!), but it was a lot of fun revisiting some of my earlier tunes again.  Mainly breaks in the beginning, with some 4/4 stuff towards the end.

Start Time – Track (all tracks written by Tarekith)
00:00 – Devoid
03:52 – Playing With Forces
08:49 – The Thin Line
15:42 – Somewhere In Here
21:37 – Talus
26:32 – A World Away
33:10 – Shadows Falling
38:45 – Huck & Drop (2010 mix)
44:29 – In Your Place
50:06 – Deception
53:53 – Curver
59:25 – Base5
65:59 – Know No Limits

  1. El Jefe06-21-2011

    Hahaha! That is such an awesome pic. That’s what my kid is gonna look like. DLing now.

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