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New and Updated Production Guides


Over the last few months I’ve had a number of people request PDF versions of my Production Guides and Tutorials, mainly for storing and referencing on their iOS devices.  I apologize that it took me so long to get this done, but things have been pretty busy here lately to say the least! But, at long last I now have …

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Blue Dream DJ Set


  Blue Dreams Downtempo DJ Set What can I say, I’ve been on a roll lately I guess.  🙂 Here’s a new downtempo DJ set, recorded live on Feb 13, 2012 using Ableton Live 8, Allen & Heath Xone62, Akai APC40, and NI Traktor Audio 6. Tracklist: Time – Artist – Track – Label 00:00 – Culture Cruisers – La Piscine …

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Elektron Live PA Rundown


Been getting a few questions about how I did my recent Elektron live set, so I’ll tackle the set up and how I performed it here on the blog.  The set can be downloaded here if you haven’t heard it but are curious: So the basic idea was pretty simple, could I take my current downtempo live set that …

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What Plug-In?


As I was cruising different forums this morning, it was pretty apparent that some people had gotten a bit of money for the holidays, and were looking to do some shopping.  I found it kind of funny though that so many people were looking to plug-ins to solve all of their music writing dilemmas.  Certainly some plug-ins are better than …

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Sound Quality: Live versus Logic


As a lot of people know, I tend to frequent a lot of various music-related forums throughout the day.  Every now and then (approximately every 18 minutes) I end up running into a thread discussing which DAW sounds better.  Or as some people like to say, which DAW has the best sounding “Summing Engine”.  Now, I’ve looked into this in …

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The Flickering Dark


This is a sort of proof of concept for a new type of live pa I’ve been working on for the last 8 days.  Not so much a demo as it’s only 20 minutes long, more an experiment for me to see if this was a valid way to play live. There are some benefits to being left home …

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The Beautiful Decay


The Beautiful Decay (Right Click to Save As)   Downtempo & House DJ Set, Recorded 09-08-2011 Start Time – Artist – Track – Label 00:00 – Bird of Prey – Pathfinder – Addictech 04:42 – Thievery Corporation – Fragments – ESL 08:37 – Chris Zippel – Stretch Marks – D’Vision 14:28 – Sergio Walgood – Project 29 – Anjavision 20:23 …

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Tarekith DJ EFX V8.5


Well, it’s been awhile since I last released some of my free FX racks for Ableton Live, so I figured it was time to add some new ones to the collection.  This time around I have 3 new racks that are pretty wild sounding, good for some really out there tweaking in your live or DJ sets.  The racks were …

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Common Arrangement Issues


Earlier this year I covered some of the more common mixdown issues I hear in the songs I work on, and in others I hear online in the various forums I frequent.  I think it’s time to take another tack now, and talk about some of the issues I repeatedly hear in the way people arrange their songs.  I’ve learned …

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“Slope Lifter”


Slope Lifter – Downtempo 08-11-2011 Whew, to say it’s been a pretty crazy week would be an understatement I guess.  Never the less, I’ve been lucky enough to steal a few minutes here and there to work on a new tune, and here it is.  Starts out kind of spacey and ambient, then goes into a more mid-tempo groove, almost …

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