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Broken Past DJ Set


BrokenPast (<- Click to download or play) I was going through some of my older tracks one day last week and decided it was time to to put together a mix of some of my more uptempo tracks from days gone by.  Some of these songs are 6-7 years old (and sound like it!), but it was a lot of …

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Very Sary – Downtempo DJ Set


Very Sary Downtempo DJ Mix 06-19-2011 Smooth downtempo for the coming summer, perfect for the beach, poolside, or late-night lounge sessions.  This is probably one of the best mixes I’ve done in a long time, really happy with the tunes I found for this one, and how it all came together. This set was recorded for the RK2 Podcast 5 …

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(Still) Almost Live


Back in April I posted about the steps I was taking while preparing a new hardware based live set: Well, things are getting much closer to wrapping up finally, so I thought I’d update people on some of the other aspects of what’s going into this set.  Probably a bit overkill since it’s a relatively simple affair, using only …

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Ableton Live & APC40 Live PA set up


A few people over the last couple of weeks have asked me how I use Ableton Live and the Akai APC40 to perform my live pa’s.  I’ve covered it briefly on the Ableton forums over the years, but I figured it was time to go into a little more detail. While I tend to write brand new material for my …

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Almost Live


Recently I’ve talked a little bit on my Twitter feeds about how I’m prepping a new hardware based live pa, and I’ve had a few people ask me questions about it.  Namely, why hardware and not Ableton Live anymore, and how do I go about creating a strictly hardware based live set.  So, I’m going to talk a little about …

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Space Is The Place


Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of people asking how to create space and depth in their mixes, so I figured it was a good time to write down my thoughts on the subject.  When I talk about depth and space, I’m referring to that 3 dimensional aspect of a song, where some instruments sound like they are farther away …

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Know Your Limitations


One of my favorite ways of coming up with new ideas for songs, is to limit the options or tools I use during the composition process. I’m sure a lot of this is born from earlier times when I first got into music making, as I just didn’t have the money to spend on a lot of gear (and back …

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The Quietman Album


As most of you know, one of the valued members of the Ableton forums (Martin Brown, aka Leedsquietman) passed away unexpectedly in December, leaving behind his wife and three kids.  Further adding to the tragedy, his mother passed away while preparing to attend his funeral.  To raise money and help out his family, a number of us from the different …

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Laptop, I love you, I hate you.


First up, if you haven’t seen the new teaser for the Elektron Octatrack, it’s definitely worth a look: Obviously I’m a huge Elektron fan already (owning a Machinedrum and Monomachine, as well as moderating the forums), so I’m interested in the Octatrack a lot.  Thinking it might let me use all hardware again to play live, leaving behind Ableton …

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