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Octatrack Preview


Ok, so I lied about yesterday’s blog post being the last one of the year, oops.   As I mentioned then, I just received an Elektron Octatrack, and I’ve since been getting tons of people contacting me with questions about it and wanting to see some video.  So I knocked together this really quick before I start my mastering work …

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The Live PA Interview


A few weeks back I was interviewed by Ali Berger, a student at Tufts University in Boston.  He was working on a paper for a class called “Sketch Studies Today”, and wanted to pick my brain about different aspects of how I do my live sets, specifically my “Wired Roots” live set that I posted on YouTube.  You can find more …

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7 Days To Go


Well, I feel bad I haven’t been updating the blog as much as I’d like, but there’s been two pretty major events in my life happening almost concurrently.  So, I figured it was time to give a quick update while I had a free moment. The thing I’ve been working on my new live set for the Photosynthesis 4.0 Festival …

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Wired Roots – Downtempo Live PA

2 Tracklist: Start Time – Track 00:00 – Leav 02:45 – Leak 05:57 – Trient 08:43 – Whithr 10:54 – Stalke 14:50 -Furow 17:53 – Brancht 21:31 – Biome 24:44 – Chlorl 28:30 – Petl I’ve also posted YouTube videos of the set being performed live, along with comments describing what I’m doing as I perform it: Wired Roots 1 …

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(Still) Almost Live


Back in April I posted about the steps I was taking while preparing a new hardware based live set: Well, things are getting much closer to wrapping up finally, so I thought I’d update people on some of the other aspects of what’s going into this set.  Probably a bit overkill since it’s a relatively simple affair, using only …

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Machinedrum DJ Set Vol. 2


Machinedrum DJ Set Vol. 2 This is the second in a series of collaborations initiated by the community.  The basic idea is that each user contributes a pattern they wrote using only the Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1.  Then, users of the forum can perform a sort of combination DJ and live set using only those patterns. Unfortunately I was pretty …

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Almost Live


Recently I’ve talked a little bit on my Twitter feeds about how I’m prepping a new hardware based live pa, and I’ve had a few people ask me questions about it.  Namely, why hardware and not Ableton Live anymore, and how do I go about creating a strictly hardware based live set.  So, I’m going to talk a little about …

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Know Your Limitations


One of my favorite ways of coming up with new ideas for songs, is to limit the options or tools I use during the composition process. I’m sure a lot of this is born from earlier times when I first got into music making, as I just didn’t have the money to spend on a lot of gear (and back …

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“Cache” – New Monomachine track


Cache – Downtempo – 01-11-2011 Available in Wav and FLAC versions from Cache @ Addictech Here’s a new tune I just finished, using only the Elektron Monomachine again.  Everything was sequenced using pattern mode for the most part, I merely used the Song Sequencer to arrange the patterns sequentially one after the other.    Interesting way of working, made …

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