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Mastering Guide v2.0


The original version of my mastering guide was by far the most downloaded and shared production guide I’ve ever written, even though it was primarily geared towards “beginner” musicians. As time went on and I began doing mastering as a full-time profession however, it also raised a lot of questions from more advanced users.  So I figured it was time …

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Production Q&A #4


Before I start with this week’s Q&A, just a quick note about the blog notifications going forward.  If you like the blog and the things I post, please take a second RIGHT NOW to sign up for email notifications of new posts (on the right hand side of the page).  Or follow me on Twitter, RSS, or Facebook via the …

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Inner Portal Studio v2.0


As I approach the next anniversary of Inner Portal Studio, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to let people know about some fairly important upgrades and changes I’ve made to the services I offer. For starters, I’ve completely redone the website, and it’s going live today: Aside from being a little cleaner looking over all, I’ve also condensed and streamlined …

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Vespers – Preparing your tracks for mastering


DJ Vespers runs an Ableton Live training website, with lots of great videos on how to use Live and other music production techniques.  Recently he asked me for some advice on how to properly prepare your tracks in Ableton Live to send to a mastering engineer.  Here’s the video: While you’re there, take a look at some of his …

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25% Off Online Mastering


Hi everyone, I had a couple of very large projects this week get pushed back to a later date, and as a result I’m sitting here with a lot of unbooked time in the studio this week.  So, to keep things rolling, I’m going to be offering 25% off my normal online mastering rate from now until Saturday, May 7th. …

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Common Track Issues


One of the most common emails I get from people, generally goes along the lines of “hey man, can you listen to my song and let me know what you think it needs?”. I always freely offer mixdown advice to my clients before they come to me for a mastering job, but it’s just not something I can do for …

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Just Because


Before I get started with the topic this week, it appears I need to make a clarification on the purpose of this blog.  As with my Production Guides, this blog’s only purpose is give me somewhere to voice my thoughts on different topics.  I’m not trying to say my ideas or working methods are the “right” or only way to …

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