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Production Q&A #7


1. Why can’t I get my latency down to 0? Despite the wealth of information online about what latency is and how it affects computer-based musicians, it’s still the most common issue I see people struggling to come to grips with. Quite often it’s blamed for issues that have nothing really to do with latency, or people have unrealistic expectation …

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Best and Worst Part of Making Music?


  Throwing the questions back to the readers of my blog once again.  This time I’m curious, what’s you favorite part of the music making process?  What’s your least favorite part? As usual, I’ll post my answers after a few other people have chimed in.

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Production Q&A #6


1. In your mixing tutorials you’ve always emphasized that one should listen to the mix on several different systems to see how it sounds. How can I translate those impressions to tweaks at my mix position to make the mix more portable? Is it just finding a balance between what I hear at the mix position and what I remember …

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5 More Questions


The last time I did a blog post asking my readers for their opinions on various topics (HERE) it seemed to go over pretty well.  It was a great way to get opinions from a really wide range of musicians, and not have it skew towards any one thing as typically happens on specific manufacturer forums. So let’s try it again, …

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What Plug-In?


As I was cruising different forums this morning, it was pretty apparent that some people had gotten a bit of money for the holidays, and were looking to do some shopping.  I found it kind of funny though that so many people were looking to plug-ins to solve all of their music writing dilemmas.  Certainly some plug-ins are better than …

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Production Q&A #5


Well it’s taken a few weeks, but I’ve finally had enough people submit some questions that I can write up another Production Q&A. So, let’s get to #5 then: 1. Reverbs and delays are often used on aux channels to give some space and depth to a mix.  Seeing as how you are not actually putting these effects on any …

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5. Questions


So, this time I want to turn things around and learn a little about everyone who follows the blog.  Here’s a few questions if anyone wants to answer and share a little about themselves, just post your answers in the blog comments: 1. What is your all-time favorite piece of gear (hardware or software) for making music? 2. Best concert …

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Production Q&A #4


Before I start with this week’s Q&A, just a quick note about the blog notifications going forward.  If you like the blog and the things I post, please take a second RIGHT NOW to sign up for email notifications of new posts (on the right hand side of the page).  Or follow me on Twitter, RSS, or Facebook via the …

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Production Q&A #3


Before I start the Q&A this week, I just wanted to take a second to thank EVERYONE for all the kind words and well-wishes about my studio appearing in Electronic Musician magazine this month.  Your support and positive comments just help reinforce my view that I’m lucky enough to be in a position to help so many talented musicians.  Thank …

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Production Q & A #2


The three questions in this post came from people who wanted to remain anonymous, and the more I think about it, the more I see their reasons.  So I think from here out, any questions I field for the Q&A will only be posted anonymously.  Hopefully that will get more people to submit questions as well.  So, let’s get to …

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