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“Slope Lifter”


Slope Lifter – Downtempo 08-11-2011 Whew, to say it’s been a pretty crazy week would be an understatement I guess.  Never the less, I’ve been lucky enough to steal a few minutes here and there to work on a new tune, and here it is.  Starts out kind of spacey and ambient, then goes into a more mid-tempo groove, almost …

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New Track – “Slip”


Slip – Downtempo 04-18-2011 (right click the name above to play or download) As I mentioned in my Touching Matters blog post a couple weeks ago, I recently got an iPad2.  One of the apps I was most interested in trying out was Apple’s new Garageband for the iPad, as I know the desktop version is usually under-appreciated considering how …

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New Track – “Lost Horizon”


Lost Horizon – Downtempo – 03-28-2011 First track I’ve made with my new guitar, so it’s used almost exclusively in this one.  Drum sounds are from Stylus RMX, everything else is from the Line 6 HD500 and my Parker Dragonfly.  Really enjoying the combination of sounds I can get out of that guitar, and the effects in the HD500 are …

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New Track – Ridgeline


Ridgeline – Downtempo – 02-09-2011 New track I just finished up, downtempo one this time (err… as usual maybe).  Beats were all from Stylus RMX, synths were Omnisphere and Synplant, edited, arranged, and mixed in Logic.  No real reason I used Logic versus Live, it was the first DAW I opened this time.  🙂  WAV and FLAC versions available at …

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“Cache” – New Monomachine track


Cache – Downtempo – 01-11-2011 Available in Wav and FLAC versions from Cache @ Addictech Here’s a new tune I just finished, using only the Elektron Monomachine again.  Everything was sequenced using pattern mode for the most part, I merely used the Song Sequencer to arrange the patterns sequentially one after the other.    Interesting way of working, made …

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