“Slope Lifter”

Slope Lifter – Downtempo 08-11-2011

Whew, to say it’s been a pretty crazy week would be an understatement I guess.  Never the less, I’ve been lucky enough to steal a few minutes here and there to work on a new tune, and here it is.  Starts out kind of spacey and ambient, then goes into a more mid-tempo groove, almost danceable in places.  Didn’t really limit myself to any specific tools when creating this one, so I pretty much threw the kitchen sink at it.  Everything was recorded, arranged, and mixed in Live 8, with Omnisphere, Synplant, and Analog providing the synth sounds.  The drums are a mish-mash of Stylus RMX and the Machinedrum, and there’s even a bit of guitar here and there via my Dragonfly and the HD500.  Mastering was just a touch of Elephant in Wave Editor.

FLAC and wav file versions are available at Addictech.com

Hope you all enjoy!

Next up, a new downtempo DJ set I have a feeling.

Until then,


New Track – “Slip”

Slip – Downtempo 04-18-2011
(right click the name above to play or download)

As I mentioned in my Touching Matters blog post a couple weeks ago, I recently got an iPad2.  One of the apps I was most interested in trying out was Apple’s new Garageband for the iPad, as I know the desktop version is usually under-appreciated considering how much it can do for the price.  So I decided to see how much I could do by writing an entire song in just that one app on the iPad.

For the most part it was a very enjoyable process, and I was able to complete the track in only a few days without once opening the help documentation.  You don’t get a lot of instruments in the iPad verison, but the ones they do give you are pretty good sounding and fun to play, and they cover a good range of sounds too.  The Smart Guitar in particular was more fun than I thought it would be, and the best part is that you can ignore all the default picking patterns and just play it manually yourself (which is what I did in this song).

At first I was a little bummed out that you can’t go back and edit anything you’ve recorded, at least not on a piano role like on the desktop version (or any DAW for that matter).  However, if you zoom in a lot, you CAN edit the regions by slicing them into smaller regions, cutting and pasting them where you want, and then rejoining them into new regions.  So you still have quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to editing, provided you have the patience to work that way.  Reminded me a lot of my old SP808 back in the day, so it wasn’t a huge deal for me.

It wasn’t all fun and games though, there were some frustrating moments too.  For instance, without per track effects (you only get a globel reverb and delay) or EQ, balancing everything was a little rough at time.  All of the instruments are very full sounding, so they can tend to mush up on the low end when you add enough together.  This track only uses 7 of the available 8 tracks, and I had to fight that a little bit.  Especially with the drums, the low end on the kicks and toms is monsterous!  Luckily the Classic Drum Machine kit I used offers a high pass filter, so I was able to tame most of the subby low end (still a touch much for my own liking though).

More discouraging though, was the fact that the much hyped ability to import projects created on the iPad into Garageband on the Mac didn’t work correctly.  The guitar parts in this song did not play right at all on the Mac version, despite the fact that I’m using the latest versions of both.  Notes were skipped, and the string bends I played in the drop and outro were ignored on the Mac.  That was a let down, as I was forced to record this via the headphone out on the iPad.  Still sounds ok, but not as good as a direct render would have sounded I’m sure.

Anyway, the version you hear is recorded straight from the iPad2 with no additional processing other than normalizing to -0.3dBFS and converted to 320kbps MP3.  I dind’t do any mastering on file, this is exactly how it sounds straight from the app.

“Cache” – New Monomachine track

Cache – Downtempo – 01-11-2011

Available in Wav and FLAC versions from Addictech.com:

Cache @ Addictech

Here’s a new tune I just finished, using only the Elektron Monomachine again.  Everything was sequenced using pattern mode for the most part, I merely used the Song Sequencer to arrange the patterns sequentially one after the other.    Interesting way of working, made doing things like fills somewhat easier than trying to do them all in Song Mode like I did in Fourtude.  Here’s the MnM sysex if anyone wants it, it’ll wipe out your Song Slot 1, Pattern banks A, B and C, as well as Kits 1-9, so back those up before you load this:

Cache Sysex

I can’t believe they still call this thing a “Mono”Machine!