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Noting too deep this time around, but I wanted to take a quick minute to review the new Chroma Caps replacement knobs I recently got for my Traktor S4 controller.  I had posted a couple pictures of it on Facebook and had a lot of people asking me about the new knobs.  I just assumed people know about these already.  🙂

So, as I recently talked about in an early blog post, I recently picked up another S4 controller from Native Instruments to use while DJing with Traktor.  Overall I’m pretty happy with the controller, but it always bugged me a little that they used black knobs on a  black background for the mixer and effects sections.  I looks cool in the daylight, but in a darker studio or on stage, it’s a little hard to see to be honest.  So, for awhile now I’ve been eyeing the Chroma Caps from as a way to make it easier to see the knobs on the controller in darker environments.

As luck would have it, right before I was getting ready to the knobs, they released even more colors for both knobs types, and the fader caps.   So I was able to choose from 11 different tones when planning out how I wanted to layout the S4 based on my custom mapping.


As mentioned, sells the replacements in three different styles:  a shorter and wider knob (the Fatty knob), a tall skinny one (the Super Knob) like you find on most controllers, and different fader caps.

All of these are covered in the same soft rubber coating regardless of the color (except for the glow in the dark fader caps, no knobs in these yet though).   The rubber is a little softer than the stock S4 knobs, but extremely grippy.  I wouldn’t worry at all about these becoming slippery, even in the hottest and sweatiest environments!  Overall they feel like they are very well made, definitely a better controller than the stock knobs and fader caps.


Putting the new knobs and fader caps on the S4 was a breeze, though getting some of the older ones off first required a bit more work.  Nothing a butter knife, some cardboard, and a bit of patience couldn’t fix though.  One word of caution, the knob shafts are made of plastic, so go slow and take your time when removing stubborn stock knobs.

I’d also like to take second to thank the staff at the DJ Tech Tools store as well.  I had made an error when I ordered my knobs the first time around, and they were quick to respond and eager to solve the situation as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Definitely some nice guys.

And I should point out that the knobs aren’t just for Native Instruments gear.  On the DJTT store, they have a list of all different controllers that are known to use the same size knob.  Head over there for the most up to date list if you’re curious if these knobs will work on something you own.



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  1. I saw a review video where someone points out these can actually be good for fader life on controllers. The build of them puts less resistance on the faders than plastic stock caps. Another good reason to get these. I am just waiting for mine to come in the mail

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