Electribe Blank All Patterns File


I saw a few people asking for something like this recently, so I figured I would sit down and create a couple all patterns files for the new electribe and electribe sampler that has only blank patterns for people:


The all patterns file for the grey synth electribe is called “electribe_allpattern.e2allpat”. The all patterns file for the black sampler electribe (or the OS hacked grey electribe) is called ”electribe_sampler_allpattern.e2sallpat”. You must use the appropriate file if you want the electribe to recognize it correctly.

Copy the appropriate file in the zip folder to your SD card for the electribe, it can be placed in any directory you want.  You can then import the patterns via the Data Utility Menu in the Electribe, make sure you use the “Import All Pattern” option.

The Patterns set up as such:

– Tempo set to 120, Swing and Groove amounts set to 0%,
– Key set to C, Scale set to Chromatic, Scale Mode Off, Trigger Pad Velocity On, Pattern Length of 4.
– All effects and filters off, MFX and AMG EG deactivated for each Part.
– Part Priority Normal, Voice Assign set to Mono2 for all Parts, Alternate 13/14 and 15/16 set to Off.
– Part Volumes set to 100, Pattern Level set to 110.

I figure these are the most generic settings for a blank pattern, you are of course free to change the settings for all 250 Patterns as you see fit for your own needs.

Hope this help, enjoy!

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