Inching Forward


Well, things are slowly marching towards my move to Luxembourg, even though we still don’t have a firm move date which is dragging things out a bit (waiting for our visas).  The process is going well for us so far otherwise, we sold our house without too much issue, and in the meantime have been slowly getting rid of all the crap we don’t need to bring with us.  The one real benefit to any move 🙂

Figuring out all the details involved with getting my studio overseas has been rather more convoluted than I expected.  One of the downsides of moving to a relatively tiny country, had it been England or France information is much more readily available.  The biggest hurdle so far has been news that shipping all the studio gear might take up to 3 months now, instead of the original 6-8 weeks we had been quoted.  Thank you dock worker slowdown.

Oh well, nothing I can do about it, it’s the only practical way to get that much gear overseas.  Gives me more time to work on the book I guess.

Needless to say, all of this hasn’t really left me with much time or brain power for writing music.  At least not in any sort of serious way like working on actual songs or an album, though I’m constantly tinkering with random ideas.  For now I’ve decided to just focus whatever free studio time I have into creating samples and loops to use later.  My Ableton Push jams, guitar ideas, messing about with the Monotron Delay, you name it.

Oh yeah, and I bought a Korg Volca Keys at long last.  Just picked that up a few days ago, but so far it’s a great way to spend short bits of time coming up with fun ideas to record.  At the moment I’m just recording everything into one large Ableton Live session, since it’s so easy to fire that up to capture lots of ideas.  I’m hoping to post a video review once I get a bit more hands on time with it.


Like I said, I still have no idea what I’ll do with all this material, but at least I have it recorded and ready once I decide.  Possibly going to use it for a new live set, perhaps with the Korg Electribe sampler when that gets released.  Or maybe I’ll release a sample collection.  We’ll see, at the moment not too concerned with the end result, just trying to have fun and unstress from anything having to do with the big move. 🙂

In the meantime, I’m still up and running when it comes to mastering and mixdowns, trying to get as many of those done as possible before I’m shut down for weeks.  Oh well, like I always say, heads up, chin up, just keep plugging away!

Hopefully I’ll have more news soon, until then peace and beats,


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