“Slope Lifter”


Slope Lifter – Downtempo 08-11-2011

Whew, to say it’s been a pretty crazy week would be an understatement I guess.  Never the less, I’ve been lucky enough to steal a few minutes here and there to work on a new tune, and here it is.  Starts out kind of spacey and ambient, then goes into a more mid-tempo groove, almost danceable in places.  Didn’t really limit myself to any specific tools when creating this one, so I pretty much threw the kitchen sink at it.  Everything was recorded, arranged, and mixed in Live 8, with Omnisphere, Synplant, and Analog providing the synth sounds.  The drums are a mish-mash of Stylus RMX and the Machinedrum, and there’s even a bit of guitar here and there via my Dragonfly and the HD500.  Mastering was just a touch of Elephant in Wave Editor.

FLAC and wav file versions are available at Addictech.com

Hope you all enjoy!

Next up, a new downtempo DJ set I have a feeling.

Until then,


  1. Chris08-15-2011

    the vocal sample at the beginning – Is that Professor Brian Cox in “wonders of the universe”?

  2. Chris08-17-2011

    Tracked it down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVwXmjsf-tM&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    skip to 11:30

    A very profound statement.

  3. Tarekith08-17-2011

    Thanks for telling everyone exactly where I got an uncleared sample from, very kind of you.

  4. Chris08-18-2011

    very sorry…I did not mean any harm!

  5. Tarekith08-18-2011


  6. Chris08-18-2011

    at least you’ve found a topic for a future blog entry – sampling 🙂

  7. Tarekith08-18-2011

    LOL, good point.

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