A New Start

Well, those of you who followed me on Facebook know that I’m no longer on Facebook any more. ūüôā

I’ve been debating it for some time, as I slowly realized in order to get the most out of Facebook you need to check it pretty often. And really, it wasn’t bringing me any new business or gigs, so I decided getting my time back was more important right now. I’ll miss a few things about it, but it certainly feels good not having that “must check Facebook” thought every hour!

I’ll still be posting updates on Twitter, and I plan on putting out more blog posts now too. ¬†With all the gear changes I’ve been doing lately, I’ve just been busy learning new tools and trying to sell the old ones to focus on the blog as much as I would like. ¬†Hopefully that’s all settled down though, as I’m really enjoying the new Strymon Timeline and OP-1 I recently got. ¬†Both are way more fun than I expected, so stay tuned for some reviews!

Peace and beats,


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