Best and Worst Part of Making Music?


Throwing the questions back to the readers of my blog once again.  This time I’m curious, what’s you favorite part of the music making process?  What’s your least favorite part?

As usual, I’ll post my answers after a few other people have chimed in.

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  1. Favorites:
    -Sound design: it brings new ideas and unexpected good compos sometimes.
    Love this part even if it has to remain a part of the global process.
    -Marvel when you succeed in bringing an idea to the reality OR achieving a good arrangement.

    -last but not least, Mastering.
    in fact this one is both best and worst.
    I’m still learning but… it’s like achieving an arrangement, so rewarding when you succeed where you always felt before.
    Those things are forever strong motivators to push myself in finishing projects.

    Least favorite:

    -Rehearsals… a must go if you plan to play outside your home.
    The only real efficient way to be confident at the moment you start you live set on stage.
    This step is a doubtful pit of weirdness. You love the tracks you’re gonna play but always try different mixes [ i like to mix some tiny basic tracks into each others], and never really satisfied.
    Fortunately, this part of the fun is meant for goodness.
    Every doubts you could have had when preparing your performance just fly away once you start.
    1. you know your stuff on hand and by heart, you’re like at homeland
    2. you can react fast if some unexpected event occurs

  2. BEST…. Freedom of expression & creativity. Ending up with something completely new that came from my head… that didn’t exist before. Sharing that creation.

    WORST… Takes away from quality time with friends/family. (not having a day job would help out with this problem. 🙂 )

  3. Worst part: Not knowing what to do.

    There’s two sides to this. One is just not knowing how to achieve the sound I’m thinking of due to lack of skill. A corollary to that is when you have an idea, you go for it, aaaand…it turns out to not be very good or not at all what you had in mind.

    The second is paraphrasing something Bono said in “From The Sky Down” about the process of re-inventing U2 for “Achtung, Baby” which is that in order to come up with something new you have to throw away the old thing and in between you have absolutely NOTHING.

    Honorable mention: sound design

    Better part: The rare occasions when everything comes together just right so that it sounds as good as you hoped or maybe even better.

    Best part: When someone really really likes what you did and gets something out of it. And tells you so.

  4. Best part: Sound design. I love creating sounds that did not exist before. I love the thought of bringing something brand new into existence.I feel like a mother or Jesus or something. (ok ignore that last part.) My favorite part of that is when it happens sorta by accident. Like, when I record a sound then I’m processing it and suddenly, just by chance, the right combination of devices and timing creates something insane, beautiful, brand-new!!! It’s the best feeling!
    Also, when I’m arranging and I make a sick break-down or transition. It feels like Christmas!

    Worst: Mastering! For sure! It’s something that I’m not too great at and something I should definitely be hiring someone else to do for me. It’s extremely frustrating because I can NEVER seem to get everything to sound the way I want it to. In turn it feel like NOTHING is EVER finished!
    I believe that when it comes to art nothing is ever finished anyway, you just stop working on it. My problem is that I feel like I always need to make the PERFECT song, and obviously I never achieve that because there’s no such thing as PERFECT art! So, I never release anything. I’m actually doing much better w/ that now. ANd w/ music I think the creator who has spent count-less hours writing, tweaking, arranging a song is too close to it to have an objective view enough to master it.

    Sheeesh, I need to call Tarekith!!!

  5. Sorry for the late reply, the logic board (specifically the Video RAM) in my MBP died on Thursday, and I’ve been busy trying to get that fixed and sort out work issues in the meantime. So, here’s my answers:

    Best Part – Mixdowns. I love getting to the mixdown stage and doing all the little fine tweaks that takes all the sounds and arranging I did into the next level. Feeling that moment where a half dB bump in one channel suddenly makes the whole song…. gel. That moment when it goes from being a bunch of sounds, to being an emotion like I intended.

    Worst Part – Maybe it’s just me, but I often get this uncontrollable urge to create, this unshakeable feeling that I NEED to be making music. Then I sit down and for whatever reason it’s just not happening, bu that urge is still there. It ends up being a lot of time trying desperately to get an idea out, but ultimately all my efforts sound like crap and I have to walk away until another day. I hate that. 🙂

  6. Best part: that feeling you get when you just created the ultimate track that you can’t stop playing over and over like you’re addicted to crack. Makes you want to drop it on the whole world.

    Worst part: the num ness you get after you’ve played that song a gazillion times from music creation, arrangement, mix down and mastering. You no longer hear that special song with virgin ears.

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