“Epoch” – New Tarekith Album

Like many musicians today, I typically release my music one track at a time.  Sure, every once in awhile I’d get together an EP perhaps, but it’s been awhile since I released a complete album.

Early last year, I was in the studio just randomly listening to some of my older tracks.  I realized that many of them told a similar story, and had a common vibe that I hadn’t anticipated.  I decided then that I wanted to compile the best of this group into a cohesive album.  Unfortunately, I was still a few tracks shy of achieving the flow on the album that I envisioned, so I just went back to writing singles for almost 2 years.

Finally, after what for me has been a long wait, I feel I have all the arcs of the story that I need.  This isn’t so much an album of my best songs, as is it a compilation of the ones I feel best represent what I want to say with my music.  I love to combine real world sounds with totally synthetic and twisted digital textures, over catchy beats that represent flow and movement.  With these songs, I used every tool at my disposal over the last 8 years to do just that. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did creating it.

The Epoch album is available at the following stores:

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