Favorite Downtempo Albums

Over the weekend I had a good conversation with a fan who was curious about what my favorite downtempo albums were.  Thought it might be fun to list some of them in case any of you reading the blog were wondering as well.  If you have your own favorite downtempo albums, please post them in the comments too.  I’m always on the look out for new music 🙂

With that, and in no particular order, here’s some of my personal favorites (I’m sure there’s many more):


Nick Warren Global underground – Budapest Disc 1

I remember when this album came out and everyone was shocked it wasn’t two discs of banging club tunes like had been the norm for the G.U. series.  Fine with me though, since the first disc has some great tracks.  Probably one of the more inspirational albums for me in terms of getting me to start DJing the more chill stuff too.



Enigma – MCMXC A.D.

Go ahead and laugh, I don’t care 🙂  I love this album, it’s classic electronic music in every sense.  I borrowed my Dad’s CD and never gave it back once I heard the whole thing front to back.  A little cheesy today, but still some really good beats on there.



BT – This Binary Universe

Probably one of my all time favorite albums anyway, This Binary Universe has so much depth and dynamics to it that you can’t help but get drawn in.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to hear it on a really good system, it’ll change your view of how immersive BT’s more chill music can be.  I don’t like a lot of his newer dance tunes, but the ambient and downtempo stuff is fantastic.



Download – III

Ok, this IS my all time favorite album, so it’s no surprise I guess that I’ve listened to this one a lot.  There’s definitely some chaotic and very non-chill moments on the album, but they are few and far between and help offset the slower pieces perfectly.  I’ve had many a DJ friend get turned on to some of the stuff cEvin Key  has done after listening to this after a long night.  Everyone should hear this once, though it might be a little too weird in places for some people.

How DO they get some of those sounds?



The Morning After – Mixmaster Morris

This is pretty much THE quintessential downtempo album for me, and definitely the one I’ve listened to more than any other after clubbing.  This was standard listening after a long night partying, it ALWAYS went on before anything else once we got home.  I can remember many a night wishing I could get home to start listening to this instead of what was playing at the party!

Shame that the one time I got to see Mixmaster Morris live he was only so so  🙁


In other news, I just wanted to thank everyone that supported my by purchasing my newest E.P. last week.  Glad to hear so many people are finding the Live Project files so useful too!   Happy to answer any questions people might have on the album or writing it too, just send me an email.

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  1. What a coincidence. III is my favorite album ever as well. And cheese be damned, “Rivers of Belief” is a friggin great song.

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