Free Machinedrum Samples

In the past when I’ve released a new live set where I used the Machinedrum, I’ve always made the samples from the set available for download too.  Figured it was time to combine and organize all of those samples into one pack, as well as add some brand new samples I’ve recently prepped for the Machinedrum.

While I was orginally creating these for use in the Machinedrum’s User Wave machine, they are just standard 16 bit wavs file that can be used in any gear you want.  Keep in mind that the UW portion of the Machinedrum can only hold 2 to 2.5MB (depending on if you have the MKI or MKII version), which is why these are so short.

The samples are organized into the following folders:

– Basses
– Chords
– Drums
– Fake Percussion (random noises I recorded of me hitting things around the house)
– Other (some ethnic and real-world instruments)
– Synths
– Tarekith Slices (short snippets of audio from some of my studio songs)

All together there’s 145 samples in the pack.  Hope some of you get a chance to use these, let me know if you do a I’d love to hear it!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, all of the bass, synth and other samples were recorded playing the note C.  The Chord samples are typically Cmin.

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  1. Thank you for the sounds for the Machinedrum.
    I buy the machinedrum UW used only before ..2 weeks so i can’t use the sounds yet , but save them. When my economic is a little better i gladly will donate.Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

    Best Regards

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