Free Octatrack Sample Chains


I recently decided that I’m going to be selling my Elektron Octatrack, so I’ve decided to make the all of the sample chains I had created for my new album and live set available for download, now that I no longer need them:

Octatrack Sample Chains

There are three folders of sample chains in that zip file, one containing drum sounds, one containing synth, guitar, and chord sample chains, and one that uses single-cycle waveforms for turning the Octatrack into a synthesizer.  All samples are in the key of C, and some of the chord samples use both major and minor chords.  All chains contain 64 samples, so you can make full use of the Sample Start parameter in the Octatrack.

Of course these are just wav files, so you don’t need an Elektron Octatrack to use them, they’ll work in any sampler (or DAW for that matter).

I hope some of you find these useful!

14 Replies to “Free Octatrack Sample Chains”

  1. Whoa. I’m sure there’s a story behind this…hope everything’s OK with you generally, and the time it took to fix your OT didn’t permanently harsh your Elektron mellow.

  2. Glad everything is ok. Would you mind sharing your thoughts about the decision to sell your OT? Thank you for the sample chains. I can’t wait to give them a go.

  3. Honestly that’s probably something that’s best left between Elektron and myself. As pissed as I am at the situation that led to this, I’m not going to start slinging mud and acting unprofessional over it. Best to just put it behind me and move on.

  4. Dear Tarekith.,
    I’m also very impressed about the situation. I mean not long time ago you was also in love with the OT and now the Hell burns.
    Sorry that i maybe i bother you but i’m thinking to buy end of this month an OT, now i’m totally confused. Maybe you can give me, us some Information more, thank you.



  5. My reasons for no longer wanting to use elektron products should not influence whether anyone else buys their gear. It’s a situation between me and Elektron, and I won’t go into the details online.

  6. Dear Tarekith,

    thank you for an answer. Of course i totally understand the point with details online.
    I would really appreciate some details and what else you can buy instead of an OT.
    I don’t want to buy something and of course that’s lot of money if something going wrong with customer service.
    My e-mail
    Thank you!!!!



  7. As pissed as I am about the situation, I’m not going to start bad-mouthing Elektron or their products. If someone feels that the OT is right for them, by all means they should go with it. At this point I just want to put this behind me and move on to more positive aspects of life!


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