Hooded – Downtempo 03-06-2013

Well, as you’ll no doubt hear in the song, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately playing guitar instead of synths.  Just needed to mix it up a little bit.  The synths you do hear in this track were done using Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar plug-in controlling Omnisphere.  I have to say it was pretty fun being able to play my synths with my guitar for a change, which is maybe why this track is so different from my normal stuff.

This is also the first time I’m releasing a track as a 320kbps AAC file instead of a 320kbps MP3.   As I talked about in my Mastered For iTunes blog post a couple weeks back, after a lot of critical listening tests, I’m convinced AAC files sound closer to the original master of my songs than MP3s do.  I’m curious to see if anyone has any issues playing back the file.  There shouldn’t be any problems, but if you do run into one please let me know.


4 Replies to ““Hooded””

  1. Excellent track, thanks for sharing.

    I was wondering if you have posted anywhere about how you record your guitars?


  2. Good question John. Mostly it’s just straight from my Line 6 HD500 or the HD Desktop straight into my Lynx Hilo via SPDIF. A couple of the sounds I recorded dry and used Ampire in Studio One for the guitar processing, it’s a pretty impressive sounding plug in, I really like it.

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