Inner Portal Studio v2.0

As I approach the next anniversary of Inner Portal Studio, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to let people know about some fairly important upgrades and changes I’ve made to the services I offer.

For starters, I’ve completely redone the website, and it’s going live today:

Aside from being a little cleaner looking over all, I’ve also condensed and streamlined some of information about my mastering and mixdown services so they are little less wordy, and a little more to the point. You’ll also find new comprehensive guides on preparing your files for mixdowns if you’re using Ableton Live or Apple Logic, though there’s still some general guidelines for anyone not using one of those two DAWs.

I’ve also scrapped the previous file uploader I was using for people to send me their tracks for mastering or mixdowns. Truth be told, the system I rolled out a couple of months ago turned out to be just not that robust, and people kept having issues with files stalling halfway through the upload. I apologize for the inconvenience the old method caused, it was highly recommended, but I never anticipated how fiddly it was going to be to use.  After extensively trying out many different alternatives, I’ve based the new uploader on’s slick and easy to use interface.

Aside from being much less prone to stalling during transfers, it’s also simple to use, accepts files up to 2GB, and will send you an email confirmation so you know for sure that the file has been successfully transferred. Currently it’s based on Adobe Flash, but an html5 version is due any day now for those that don’t want to use Flash-based web tools. Of course, I’ll still accept files via all the other major file transfer sites like Dropbox, Soundcloud, Sendspace, Rapidshare, etc. I do ask that you not send me files via sites that require a wait to download the files, or ask me to click through a bunch of ads to access them.

In addition to the changes to the website, the studio itself has received a complete upgrade to all the acoustic treatment previously in place. GIK Acoustics’ US office was most helpful in fabricating the pieces the I needed specific to the needs of my studio, and the result is that a great sounding room is now even more accurate. If any of you are ever in Seattle, you’re more than welcome to stop by and hear just how incredible your music can sound in a room designed solely for that purpose.

Lastly, yes, my rates have increased slightly too, effective today. I know that some potential customers will be upset by this, but I also know many of my long-term clients will recognize the true benefit of the services I provide and understand the need. Business has picked up dramatically the last few months, and as I work with more and more producers of all skill levels, it’s become clear that for many people I’m the only other person with experience that will have a say in the final product before it’s released.

As a result, I’m spending more time working with musicians to get their mixdowns as polished and balanced sounding as possible before I even start the mastering process, or detailing the steps I take in mastering their tracks after the fact. This is actually great news in my opinion, as it means that the end result will ultimately be better sounding, and I get the chance to help other musicians hone their production chops and become better producers in the process. I love the fact that so many producers look to me to not only provide a world-class sounding master, but also to provide feedback on ways they can improve their songs for the next time.

All of this has meant that the average mastering or mixing job is taking longer, so I need to raise my rates a little bit to compensate. Full details of the new rates are on the website, and customers I’m currently working with will still get the old rate for the duration of the projects.

So, that’s the update for August 2011. I’ve got some more exciting plans in the works I think people will be interested in, and I hope that in a couple more months (if not sooner) I can share that news with you as well. You can follow my updates a few different ways these days, via my email list, as well as Facebook at:

and Twitter at:

Thanks, and here’s to a great sounding 2nd half of 2011, I can’t wait to work with all of you on your upcoming projects!

6 Replies to “Inner Portal Studio v2.0”

  1. Site looks great! We’ll be using your services in the near future when I get some free time to clean up old projects.

  2. Congrats on the site, and the well-deserved rise in fees. From what I’ve heard (Papertiger), you’ve got some serious chops.

    P.S. Download’s III is stellar, yes. Big fan of that whole extended family of works.

  3. This site looks much better, cleaner. Nice job. I’m trying to get back to Seattle. I’d love to take you up on your offer. Good Luck.

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