Borked OT(Yep, you know where this is going!)

Well, I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but things have been a little hectic here.  Just that time of year I guess!

For the last few months I’ve been struggling through a bit of a writer’s block, but I know these things happen so I’ve just been trying to work through it.  Mainly jumping around between new things like Push, or DJing more frequently, anything I can think of to spark some ideas.  Decibel Festival here in Seattle definitely helped to keep me going when I was getting fed up, which is good as something finally stuck and I was excited about making music again.

So I’ve been working on the Octatrack live set, and honestly it’s been a lot of fun too.  Getting stuck into a lot of those lost-in-time moments of flow, just getting on with things and working as fast as I could.  Lots of prep work though, figuring out a new way to use the OT for transitions, prepping sample chains, just learning all of the functions of the OT again to see how best I can utilize it to pull this solo box thing off.

Last night I finally had everything prepped and ready to begin the writing and recording process.  In fact, I was so into this new way of working with the OT, that I was planning to first try recording a live set completely on the fly from scratch.  NO planning at all, no pre-planned sequences, just winging it and seeing what happens.

Just needed to save everything properly and make sure it was all backed-up, so at any time I could easily return to a blank canvas with all my custom templates ready to go once more.  Back-up to the computer and thus my regular archives went easy enough, so I decided to also load my templates onto the two Compact Flash cards I use for safety back-ups at gigs.

After backing-up to both cards, I inserted my original CF card, and for some reason the OT froze.  Reboot, reset, empty reset, trying the other cards, nothing worked, the OT just froze the second a card was inserted.  Looked into the CF card slot on the back of the OT, and I saw one of the pins the cards connected to had broken off.  Sure enough, the pin broke off inside the last back-up card when I ejected it.


Why does gear always fail on me RIGHT before I go to record something I’m really excited about and in the right mental zone for?   You have no idea how much stuff like this just makes me furious, that gear should fail when it’s needed most just drives me nuts.  I sold my TI2 Polar the very same day when it did something similar.  At least I wouldn’t have to look at it and remember how it disappointed me, or how much of my creative life I lost due to that failure.  (angry face)

I won’t sell the Octatrack, but I was tempted for a little while there.  No, it will go back to get serviced and I’m sure that in a few weeks I’ll manage to get in the right head space to give this a go once more.  In the meantime it’s hard not to be upset, and instead remember that this stuff happens sometimes and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Chin up, head up, time to listen to some Jon Hopkins stupid loud and find my happy place.  🙂  Let’s hope my next post has some positive news that this is all well behind me!

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