Loss Of Language – Ambient Track

Loss Of Language300

Loss Of Language <- Right click to download.

This song started out as a project to use only found sounds I recorded myself for all of the source samples.  All of the raw samples were captured with a Rode iXY microphone and my iPhone at 24bits in various locations around Luxembourg.  From there, the samples went through various phases of construction and deconstruction in both Ableton Live using Push2, as well as the Elektron Octatrack.  I bounced back and forth between the two trying different ideas, so there’s an equal bit of both workflows in this song.

The final performance was done in the Octatrack feeding a Strymon Timeline delay, which added all sorts of trippy pitch-shifted and time-based modulated delays.  More of a proof of concept than a full on Tarekith song, I still really enjoy the way this one ebbs and flows.  Expect more in this direction in the near future, in the meantime I hope you enjoy.

Peace and beats,

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