lpTouch iPad app

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know about a pretty cool iOS app I have been using lately. I know I don’t normally post recommendations for apps in the blog, but this one I found especially useful.  If you have Logic and an iPad, this is a really easy to use Control Surface app that lets you control Logic Pro. Easy to use and understand, and very simple to pair with your computer as well.

There’s two skins to choose from (light and a dark), support for the new retina iPads, and 5 screen layouts:

– Main mixer screen.
– Pans and sends.
– Channel strip.
– EQ page.
– Instrument parameters.

I used this quite a lot over the weekend, and I have to say it’s one of the first iOS control surface apps that I haven’t found fiddly to use or set up.  The controls are large enough to easily grab the right one, and knob control can be set up as linear or circular dragging motions.  Worth a look for any iPad and Logic users wanting a simple but powerful control surface for the two.  Best of all it’s only $4.99.


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