Machinedrum DJ Set Vol. 2

Machinedrum DJ Set Vol. 2

This is the second in a series of collaborations initiated by the community.  The basic idea is that each user contributes a pattern they wrote using only the Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1.  Then, users of the forum can perform a sort of combination DJ and live set using only those patterns.

Unfortunately I was pretty busy around the pattern submission dead-line, so none of the songs in this set were written by me.  Still, it was great fun performing the set, so thanks to all of the producers who let me use and modify their patterns so I could still participate.

This set was recorded live in one pass on 05-07-2011 using only the Machinedrum recorded direct via a RME Fireface400.  2dB of limiting was applied to tame one large peak during the set, otherwise no additional processing was applied.

Here’s the tracklist:

00:00 – Dubathonic – SubTerra
03:10 – Catabolic – Biz’n’Veetz
07:52 – Catabolic – Escalate
12:04 – djd_oz – Monopoly
15:37 – Jonathon Doe – Derive
19:10 – djd_oz – Jenga
22:44 – Jonathon Doe – Fraktur
26:23 – djd_oz – Scrabble

The sysex files of my edits to the original patterns can found here:

Here’s a link to the first Machinedrum DJ/Live set I did as well:


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