My studio in Electronic Musician magazine

Well, just found out that my studio was featured in the September issue of Electronic Musician magazine.  Sweet!  They had asked me to submit a photo and some info about the studio a few months ago, but from the sound of things, I wasn’t sure they were really going to end up putting it in the magazine.  As far as I know EM doesn’t have an online version of the magazine yet (that functionality appears to be broken on their site), so unfortunately it’s hard copies only for now.  Here’s a picture of the article though:


Also, completely unrelated to the above, I got my studio featured on the front page of the Computer Music Guide website today as well: <- Direct Link to the article

Slightly newer picture than the one I submitted for Electronic Music, though sadly I also forgot to include my lucky fern in the picture.  Thanks to the folks over at Computer Music Guide for featuring the studio too.

Been a busy week for studio promotion apparently, now I’m really glad I got the new website done last week, and have some updated pictures of the studio online!


In other news, I’m putting the last finishing touches on my newest downtempo track, and if all goes well I hope to have that posted online later today.  Check back if you’re not already subscribed to email or Twitter notifications of new blog posts (and really, why wouldn’t you be?).

Peace and beats,

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