New Track – “Lost Horizon”

Lost Horizon – Downtempo – 03-28-2011

First track I’ve made with my new guitar, so it’s used almost exclusively in this one.  Drum sounds are from Stylus RMX, everything else is from the Line 6 HD500 and my Parker Dragonfly.  Really enjoying the combination of sounds I can get out of that guitar, and the effects in the HD500 are really wild too.

5 Replies to “New Track – “Lost Horizon””

  1. Great song!!!
    Guitar is amzing. I love the part after the first little break and little guitar lead line where itsounds almost like a record being reversed, and the fading effects of it.
    Paints a euphoric scene, for me.

  2. Thanks, that guitar part is the Elektron Monomachine doing the effects, I forgot I used it for that section. Makes a great external effects processor, I was really surprised.

  3. I definitely recognize that spanky Parker piezo sound. It’s always kind of surprised me that an electric is making that sound. With the delay it kind of reminds me of the soundtrack to Diablo in parts.

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