Outside Realms – New Live Set Teaser


This is the first run through of my new live set, something a little more upbeat than my usual downtempo.  I had a lot of fun doing the downtempo set I posted two weeks ago (Here), so I decided to go ahead and convert some of the more clubby tunes from my Ableton sets into something for the Elektron gear.

This is the first trial run of that set, and so far I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out.  Still a couple of issues to resolve, but that will be something I tackle over the next few months as I slowly continue to add material to the set.  Here’s the MP3 for those that want to download and listen:


And here is the video of the set:

3 Replies to “Outside Realms – New Live Set Teaser”

  1. I’m impressed. Really liking it. Props from both me and my GF.

    What kinds of synths were used for this? Omnisphere and Sylenth1?

  2. Whew, hard to say as some of these songs are almost 8 years old originally. Probably lots of Virus, Zebra2, Omnisphere, and Synplant. All then sliced, diced, filtered and editing in the Octatrack, so it’s all been mashed together 🙂

    Thanks for listening guys!

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