Photosynthesis 6.0


Yep, that time again, the yearly summer festivals start up, which means I get a chance to rock the Elektrons in front of a crowd again!  Very excited this year, as I’ve put quite a bit of time earlier this year into refining the live sets I play out.  I’ll be playing a downtempo set again this year, keeping with the chill vibe they like so much in Neah Bay, WA.  Lots of new songs in the set this year, and and even more tweaks to the older songs to keep it fresh sounding (for you, AND me).


This year I’ll be playing Friday night July 19th, at 2:00 AM in the Dream Dome tent.  Should be fun as I believe there are only two stages this year, and the downtempo oriented Dream Dome is the only one going on this late in the morning.

If you haven’t been to Photosynthesis yet, I highly recommend it.  Beautiful location, amazing local people, and a really well put on festival.  Definitely one of the highlights of the summer for me.  For more details, or to buy tickets, just visit:

Hope to meet some of you there, be sure to say hi after my set if you come out!

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