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Well, now that I’m taking a break from my recent iPad music making kick, I find myself once again in between projects.   That nebulous place where you’re not quite sure what you want to work on next.  It has to be BIG, it has to be NEW, and it has to be FUN.  Ideally, it will happen with ease right NOW.

Of course it rarely does.

After watching some of the Dataline Octatrack videos he’s been posting, I’ve been getting a real itch to dive a little deeper into the OT.  Maybe put together a new live set using just that, something I haven’t done yet.  Despite using it a lot live and in the studio for two years, there’s a lot areas I still have to get to know better.

Which brings me to my least favorite aspect of samplers, getting something to put into them so you can actually do something.

Like most people, I’ve been saving samples into a custom library, and I’ve gotten to be pretty efficient at finding what I need.  But after collecting and organizing some of these sounds for years now, frankly I’m sick of hearing them.  Most of the good ones I’ve already used, and the rest obviously weren’t exciting enough for me to use earlier.

Time to make some new samples, which is always easier said than done.  In a way the timing is actually pretty good when I think about it.  For awhile now I’ve had some pretty gear-specific projects I’ve working on, and I just sort of feel like playing around for awhile.  It will be a good chance to just have fun and try diving deeper into some of my gear, as well as let me better learn some of the things I’ve been neglecting lately.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 2.09.08 PM

The plan is to just save everything as audio clips using whatever is easiest at the time.  Not sticking with any one DAW, the only requirement that the end result is a 24bit, 44.kHz stereo wav file.  Then, once I have a decent enough collection of samples, I can put them into the Octatrack and take it from there.   I’m still some ways off from having nearly as many samples as I want, but so far the process has been pretty enjoyable.

I have my Ableton Push arriving today as well, so I’m sure that will be put to good use generating new loops too.  Expect a review after I’ve had some time to get to grips with it.

Until then!

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  1. Interested in hearing what you make of Push. Haven’t pulled the trigger on one yet but my credit card is doing push-ups on my bedside table. He reckons he can handle it.

  2. I’ve been playing with the Leap device. You can create some interesting samples using that with Live 9. Create a loop and let it run while using Leap to send various multiple controller signals.

    Things you would need more than two hands for other wise.

    Gues you’ll be busy with Push though?

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