Pursuit Of Music Interview

Earlier this week I was asked to give an interview for the Pursuit Of Music blog.  In this interview I talk about getting started as a professional audio engineer, my DJ history, and of course I offer up some advice for those looking to follow the same career path.  Enjoy!



A few people have asked me when I plan to post about why I decided switch back to the Traktor S4 for DJing recently.  It’s coming, I swear!  🙂

Unfortunately last week I came down with a nasty cold and sinus infection, so it’s been all I can do to keep the studio running at the moment.  Hoping I can get some time later today to write the S4 post, and I’ll get it posted by the weekend if all goes well.  Thanks for your patience!

Also, the Production Q&A posts I sometimes write are going to start backup again soon.  So if you have any questions about audio production or performance you’d like me to answer, please send them my way.

Finally, I want to thank all the people that donated to the blog in 2012 one last time.  Your  contributions really helped, thank you so much!

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