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I first heard about Sending Orbs with their very first release, Kettel’s “Through Friendly Waters”.  A friend had just turned me on to Kettel’s quirky and upbeat style of music, and I was on a hunt for more from him.  Soon after I was sold on the style of music they would continue to release, and often bought each new album before I even heard it.  Never was I disappointed.

In 2010 it looked like things were over for Sending Orbs though, no releases were planned, and nothing was heard from the founders for almost 2 years.  Luckily in 2012 things started back up, better than ever if the music is any judge.  This mix is a way for me to say thanks for all the incredible music over the years.  As a DJ, it’s always fun and challenging to mix music that uses odd time-signatures and atonal keys too.

Hope you all enjoy as much as I do!

Start Time – Artist – Track (all tracks on the Sending Orbs label)
00:00 – Blamstrain – Frame Math
04:40 – Legiac – Mings Feaner
08:32 – Markus Guentner – Doppelgaenger
14:47 – Kettel – Krabs
16:58 – Secede – Vega Libre
24:32 – Kettel – Twinkle Twinkle
29:57 – Kettel – Clara
32:25 – Funckarma – Dredge
39:06 – Secede – The Marvel
46:35 – Yagya – Rigning þrjú
51:11 – Markus Guentner – Meer Der Luegen
55:28 – Kettel & Secede – Admittanc
60:15 – Secede – The King Of Sanda

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