Sometimes The Brain Doesn’t Work


Chalk one up to intuition and taking a leap based on a gut feeling. So far selling Maschine and going for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 seems like it was the right thing to do. I’m not going to go into a full review of the OP-1 right now, but it’s quirky interface and use of audio recording to save your work is right up my alley. It’s much deeper than I expected too, even after reading the manual a couple times.

Whew, deep sigh of relief!

I struggled mightily on the decision to sell Maschine so soon after getting it, especially since it hit the right marks on so many fronts. Still, there came a point where I realized I was rationalizing my decision to keep it with only logical reasons, and lots of them. The fact was, as impressive as it was, I wasn’t excited using it, or even thinking about using it. It took a real effort of will to sit down in front of it, even though I always came away with some really nice sounding results.  Such an unexpected conundrum!

I’m my big believer that making music should be fun first, and I just wasn’t having fun thinking of uses for Maschine. Weird, I know, but there it is.

The OP-1 is almost the exact opposite so far. Way more limiting sound pallete and a completely different workflow, much more focused on how you get your ideas down versus recreating them.  I can’t stop thinking about it. I was up almost all night playing with it, and when I did finally go to bed, I kept thinking of new things I could do with it.  Then I woke up and all I wanted to do was play with it some more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is the best musical instrument ever. There’s a lot of things it can’t do, and it’s definitely not for everyone. It does way more than most people realize, but it’s not a full on modern DAW in a box.  Nor should it be.

But as a fun and unique way of making music, I think it’s brilliant. Probably not something you can use solo, for years on end, but I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how much I depth I can get out of this.  More details soon!

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  1. I trust you will enjoy its limitations as well as its practicality. I wish I had a machine to trade for an OP1 …miss mine ever since. Peace

  2. Can the OP-1 resample through external effects? I.e. sending audio out the line outputs through an external FX unit and recording the signal back in again?

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