Tarekith DJ EFX V8.5

Well, it’s been awhile since I last released some of my free FX racks for Ableton Live, so I figured it was time to add some new ones to the collection.  This time around I have 3 new racks that are pretty wild sounding, good for some really out there tweaking in your live or DJ sets.  The racks were created in Ableton Live 8.2.5, but they should work in any version since 8.1.4.  Please check the “READ ME!!!!!.pdf” included in the zip file for information on how to install these.

Tarekith’s Ableton Live DJ Effects version 8.5
(right click to Save to your computer)

Brake Check

Wild rack that messes with the time of the audio passing through it.  Sounds similar to the effect you get when you turn off a turntable while it’s still playing, after taking way too much acid.  Sounds different if you turn the knob fast or slow in either direction.

Time Check

Same idea as Brake Check, except the speed up and slow down effect is synced to tempo.  Turning to the right works best when you turn the knob slowly.

Buzz Kill

Turns the audio into a buzz saw effect that increases intensity with knob rotation,  different flavors if you turn left or right.  Use the Shape knobs to alter the tone and style of the buzzing.

Hope you like the new effects, or the old ones if you’ve never used them before.  If you do like and end up using any of these in your live performances, please consider a small $1 donation via the button below.  Or, if you just don’t have any spare cash, hit the Like button at the top right of this page.  Thanks, and I hope to have some more EFX Racks for you soon!

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  1. Hey Tarekith!,
    Thanks for the post. When I get a chance I will try out your effects. BTW, do you have any info or posts on setting up an Ableton DJ set with timewarping mp3s? I know how to do this but I end up having to to stretch and fix a lot of tracks even with Complex PRO time warping enabled. I see mixed techniques online to accomplish this (no time warping / complex / complex PRO). I’d like to see how you do it.


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