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A few months ago I put my entire back catalog on Bandcamp, all of songs and live sets I’ve done over the last 10+ years.  Partly as a way to archive all my music to date online, and partly as an experiment to see if people would actually buy any of the older songs.  I was a bit surprised to see that, yes, people will in fact buy some of my older music.  In fact it ended up selling better than some of my newer material.  Though I guess that’s not a huge surprise as some of the newer music is a bit more experimental.

Anyway, I considered that experiment a success, so I decided to expand things and release those same albums on the more popular sites like iTunes, Amazon, etc as well (I use CDBaby.com as an aggregator if people are curious).  After a long wait to get all the albums approved, I’m happy to report that all of my music from 2004-2014 is now available at all the major online retailers.

As before each album covers 1 year of original songs and live sets, and are priced according to how much audio I released that year.  Of course you can always still name your own price on Bandcamp as well if you prefer.

Hope you enjoy!

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