Tarekith Turns Ten

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Kind of weird how the date almost slipped by me, but as I was preparing my entire back-catalog for Bandcamp, I noticed that it had been almost exactly ten years since I started using the name Tarekith for my music-making.  Time flies and all that.

I have to say, going back through all the tracks I’ve written over the last ten years has been a real trip.  So many simularities I can make out, and at the same time I was exploring all manner of gear and workflows continuously.  Plus there was a consistancy to my output that surprised me, bar one or two years where life events intervened.  It’s been a lot of fun hearing stuff I wrote that I practically forgot about 🙂

Anyway, as I mention, this all came about because I wanted to get all of my tracks and live sets online somewhere not just for people to buy, but also lossless as a form of additional backup if you will.  I’ve been really happy with Bandcamp over the last few years, so I figured that was the best place to start.  Eventually I’ll get them all on the primary retailers like iTunes, Amazon, etc, but for now Bandcamp it is:


The tracks and live sets are group by year into invidual albums, and each album is only $1.  You can of course pay more if you want.

The album covers are all pictures I took over the last ten years, each one in the same year of the album just for fun.  Kinda fun for me to see those too, lots of places all over the world, who would have thought I’d be a world traveller some day?

Enjoy the music, and thanks to everyone who’s supported me, my music, and this blog over the last 10 years.

Peace and chill beats,

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