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This track started one night after I had just finished up jamming on my acoustic guitar using my Timeline Delay pedal. I was putting things away, and realized I had left the feedback cranked up, and the electrical noise from the guitar pickups started to feedback making this cool sound wash.

I fired up Ableton Live, and started to record, not realizing that the metronome from Live was being picked up by the guitar pickups and thus being recorded too. Luckily, it ended up sounding cool, so that recording became the intro and ending guitar parts!

From there I built up the core track using Push to program all the drums, the bassline, and some of the synth parts. Once I had those in place, I brought everything to arrangement view and started working on the basic structure to the song. Every now and then I’d stop to record some new guitar parts, sometimes keeping the results, sometimes not.

The guitar is a Taylor 814ce running direct into an Xotic EP Booster, Strymon Timeline, and TC Electronic Hall Of Fame pedals, from there into my Lynx Hilo. I don’t mind keeping mistakes when I think they add an interesting texture to the song, as you can hear in some of the string buzzes I turned into panning effects.

The mixdown used only the Ableton Live 9 effects, with just a touch of Limiter on the master channel to handle the “Mastering”.  You can download the Ableton Project File here, if you wish to take a look at how the track was written:


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