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Tarekith – TH1

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a bit of a turnaround when it comes to making music on portable devices (iPhone, iPad, etc).  While I’ve always been a fan of making music on the go, over the years I realized I was far more productive if I just focused on coming up with simple ideas and grooves, versus trying to do complete tracks.  I’ve done it a few times, but honestly it was usually very tedious work done just for the sake of saying I could do it.

With the release of the Audiobus app however, that has completely changed for me.  And when I finally decided to take the plunge on Auria as my main DAW for the iPad, suddenly I had a very powerful and extremely compact music set up.  Even better, I was actually having a lot of fun using it.

So I decided to focus on making music with the iPad for awhile, though I do have a Qunexus arriving any day now that I plan to pair with it.  I’m hoping over the summer I can record enough material to release another EP or even a full-length album in the Fall.  Fingers crossed.

TH1 is the first of my new iOS music making efforts, done entirely from start to finish in the iPad.  Auria was the main DAW, and it works fabulously, I’m a huge fan now.  Drums were from DM1, Bassline is done with Figure, Thumbjam did the little acoustic sounding bits, and the rest is a combination of Alchemy Mobile, Sunrizer, Animoog, iKaossilator, and Addictive synths.  I used the built in Auria (PSP) dynamics processors when mixing and mastering the song.  I do plan on eventually buying some of the Fabfilter add on plug-ins to handle this in the future.  The PSP stuff works fine, I’m just used to the Fabfilter plug-ins I guess.


In other news, I’m once again going to be playing live at the Photosynthesis Festival in Neah Bay, WA.  Stay tuned for more info on dates and details.

Oh, and Ableton featured my new DJ EFX Racks on their home page last week, which I thought was pretty cool.  Glad so many of you are enjoying using those new EFX Racks, thanks for all donations!  That really helps, so I appreciate it no matter the amount.  Hopefully I can find the time to create some more racks for Live 9, sooner rather than later!  🙂

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