The Grind


There comes a point in every project I do, when things just seem to slow down and the process of making music turns into a bit of a chore.  This seems to happen more so now that I’m working on bigger projects, but even on single songs I often find myself just plowing ahead because I have to, not because I neccesarily want to.

For me, a lot of the time I feel the most creative in the initial stages of a song.  When I’ve got an idea that came to me randomly, or maybe when I’m recording those early sounds and getting a good vibe off that.  Once I have enough of the song down that I can see where it needs to go, a lot of what I do from then on is almost an after thought.

That’s not saying that I don’t put much effort into it, just that I already have figured out what needs to be done and it’s just a matter of putting my head down and getting it done.  It’s boring some times, and it definitely can feel like it’s taking the fun out of the process of writing a new song.  But sometimes you just need to suck it up and trust that in the end the time you spend now will be well worth it.

We all have certain ways we prefer to work, and that invariably means that we will eventually end up doing something we’ve done many times before.  Probably over and over.  A deep breath, an exasperated sigh no one will hear anyway, and you just dive in and do it anyway.

Maybe not the most exciting day in the studio, but who said this was always fun?  🙂

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  1. I know this feeling for sure! Sometimes it does seem like a chore. It’s usually the times when I’m not exactly oozing w/ inspiration but for some reason I feel like I NEED to be making music. I’m not sure why I feel like I absolutely have to be making music all the time. I actually feel guilty if I’m playing video games or watching a movie. It’s a bit strange. Maybe because I’ve invested SOoOooOo much into it. Not only money but massive amounts of time and just soul and sweat.

    Lately when that happens, I’ll just jam out on my MAschine which really puts the fun back into the process. Nine times out of ten I’ll play something that I want to record and build a song out of. Maschine has helped me immensely in that dept. Or I’ll loop a simple beat on the Maschine and rock out on the MikroKorg. Again, I’ll usually end up playing something that will become a song.

    I love the times when I’m possessed by the muse (so to speak) and the song almost writes itself. By the time I come back to reality I have an amazing track!! But, that doesn’t happen as often as it used to. I’ll pretty much write a song and do all the sound design and arranging and then the part that feels like a chore is going through and drawing in automation and making little fills and stuff. Just the little things that always need to be done.
    Good article as always T.

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