The Quietman Album

As most of you know, one of the valued members of the Ableton forums (Martin Brown, aka Leedsquietman) passed away unexpectedly in December, leaving behind his wife and three kids.  Further adding to the tragedy, his mother passed away while preparing to attend his funeral.  To raise money and help out his family, a number of us from the different forums Martin participated in have gotten together to release a tribute album, the proceeds of which will be going directly to his wife Judy.
If you feel like contributing, the album (15 songs) can be purchased for $10 from Bandcamp:

If you want to help but just can’t afford to give money right now, please help us spread the word by joining and passing on the related Soundcloud  and Facebook pages:

Thanks everyone for your support and help, hopefully we can raise enough money at least help Martin’s family in some small way.

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