The Recharge


Well, I’m finally back from a nice long vacation to Luxembourg, Paris, and London, and it was something I needed more than I realized.  Though in a way vacation is a bit misleading, as one of the main reasons Hallie and I went was to see if Luxembourg was someplace we would want to move to.  Yes, Hallie has been offered the chance to transfer to a new position in Luxembourg and it’s something we are seriously considering.  Still a lot to weigh before we decide though.

It did give me the first chance in a long while to just get away from the studio for a couple weeks, something I haven’t done since…. well probably 7-8 years.  I have to admit it was pretty nice not really thinking about music making for so long, especially as now that I’m back I find myself recharged and more excited than ever to get back to mastering.

I guess we all need a break now and then, even when you’re lucky enough to love what you do for a living!

The first thing I wanted to do was update all of my audio production guides, and host them on my Inner Portal website, as they just feel more appropriate being housed there.  So, some minor updates to all the guides, which you can now find here:

I also have to admit I made a bit of a mistake recently, concerning my recent abandoning of Facebook.  It didn’t take long for a lot of people to reach out and tell me they really missed getting blog updates and reading other interesting articles I’d find via Facebook.  So, after thinking about it quite a bit, I decided that I’ll rejoin the madness and still use that as an outlet for people to get notifications related to the music stuff i find and post.  So, if you’re not sick of the flip-flopping, feel free to friend me if you want:

Sorry for the hassle, sometimes it’s a struggle to manage my time versus providing useful options for people.  I’m learning, what can I say  🙂

Stay tuned for more to come shortly!

Peace and beats,

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  1. Oh man, I was hoping no one would ask that. 🙂

    Really hard for me to comment, compared to the PNW the beers in Europe are very sweet, and very light. Honestly not my thing, probably the best one I had was a Meantime Ale though.

    I also caught the flu and a really bad stomach bug in Luxembourg early in the trip, so unfortunately I was pretty sick and realyl couldn’t drink that much as well.

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