The Tarekith Update

Well I know it’s been a bit light on blog posts here lately, so I thought I’d do sort of a general update on a what’s been happening here in the studio. I’m in sort of a bit of flux in a lot of areas right now, so my apologies if this comes off as a little rambling! 🙂

For starters, I wanted to thank everyone wishing me luck with my shoulder surgery earlier this year. Things have been progressing great, I almost have full range of motion back and the physical therapist has me weight training already. Still fiending to get on the bike, but I know I’m almost halfway there now so trying to be patient 🙂


My plan while recovering from surgery was to renew my focus on learning guitar, especially with the new Taylor acoustic I bought. Happily that has been going very well, I’ve been practicing almost daily and already starting to notice huge improvements. I’ve ditched the pick all together at this point, and am now focusing a lot on fingerpicking. Not so much traditional fingerpicking, but definitely learning as many techniques as I can to add my own style and feel to it.

Because I’ve been enjoying the guitar so much, I’m starting to consider putting together a new live set using it as my main instrument. Quite a jump from hardware groove boxes! I’m still mentally toying with different options, but in the mean time I decided it was time to start playing around with some dedicated guitar pedals. My Boss Tera Echo is still a dream to play, and I just ordered a TC Hall Of Fame reverb pedal, and an Xotic EP booster to get the Taylor’s signal a little more usable.  Thinking about the TC Flashback x4 as well.


When I haven’t been working on the guitar, I’ve been thinking about where I want to focus next when it comes to studio and live work. I’m still happy working on the iPad for tracks now and then, but I want get back into more of a hardware workflow too. Not just for writing tracks but for performing them too.

Strangely, for some reason I’ve really been giving serious thought to Maschine Studio. Crazy, I know 🙂 But it looks like the newest software updates have solved a lot of my previous complaints about Maschine. And it’s hard not to appreciate how much more hardware-like the new display will make the controller feel. As much as I love Push and Live, I have to admit the Live library really doesn’t do much for me when it comes to finding sound ideas to use when creating tracks. That was one area I really liked about Maschine when I tried it previously.

But, we’ll see, nothing is decided yet. I still might go with more traditional hardware too 🙂

The mastering business was a bit slower than normal to start the year, but with me being out for surgery anyway it worked out.   Things have ramped up a lot since then though, and 2014 is already looking to be a great year.   And it certainly is fun listening to those Tyler D2x’s every day!  🙂

Last but certainly not least, I  broke my right hand in three places last week.  Yes, right when the shoulder was starting to feel better, I decided it would be a good idea to hit the refrigerator in a rare display of frustration.  Stupid I know, and now I get to pay for it.  Oh well, no guitar for a bit I’m guessing, so I’ve decided to just spend my time focusing on music theory again.   I was doing a little every day as part of my guitar practices anyway, now I can sped more time on it 🙂

Well, that’s about it, and not terribly exciting I’m afraid.  Hopefully the hand heals up fast and I can get back to writing again soon!

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  1. At the moment just refamiliarizing myself with the notation aspects. I used to know quite a bit of theory, but after not using it at all for something like 16 years… well…. 🙂

    I have some old text books I was using, as well as some apps like Musicoupolis.

  2. Hey man, I’m sorry to hear about your shoulder and your hand. That really sucks. I’ve been listening to your Epoch album a fair bit lately. I find it suits winter/spring transition quite nicely. I myself am in a bit of a musical ??? period. (I’m iron on the live PA forms BTW)
    I feel that in order to push myself to the next level, I have to consider going back to software (from hardware). I was looking at the Maschine Studio as well… but since I’m not already well versed in a DAW that I could use it with (as a plugin), it’s probably not going to work for me. If I could do a 100% live set with just the machine studio (no other software/hardware) than I would totally pick it up. I’ve actually been looking at the software versions of the MPC (studio/renaissance). Since these come with their own proprietary DAW… it most likely will suite my needs better.
    Good luck with everything… I hope your hand heals. You’ve got some nice guitar lines in the Epoch album (as well as the most recent EP you put on bandcamp).
    L8r Tarekith,

  3. The lack of soundcard doesn’t bother me too much, as I already have an AI. The way I see it is if you’re going to create a software groovebox… it should function like one. It should exist as a standalone device capable of doing a 1 to 2 hour set. There should be no idling while you change programs. That’s the deal breaker for me. If I can’t do a live set (without firing up a bunch of instances of this in another DAW) than it’s just not worth it to me. The cool thing about the AKAI studio/renaissance is it has it’s own DAW with the software… so you don’t need to use it in conjunction with ableton LOGIC etc… so, from what I can tell, it might work as a standalone live PA tool. I’ve yet to see it used in this manner, but I will be reading the manual to figure it out before taking the plunge.
    L8r man,

  4. I guess I enver really considered the Studio, or even Maschine in general as a live performance tool. For me it’s largely just a studio tool, though if I get one maybe I’ll change my mind and think of a way to use it live.

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