The Wayback Machine

Had a few dicussions recently with some other musicians about making music “back in the day” and what some of our earliest recordings sounded like.  Figured it would be fun to post what I believe is the first recording of  my electronic music.  I had some earlier stuff than this recorded from back in my guitar/punk band days somewhere, but we’ll leave that buried for now.  🙂

rEalm – Morphing Mechanism.mp3

This is a live set I made back in 1999, when I was still going by the artist name “rEalm”.  Recorded live in one pass (to cassette of all things) using a Roland MC505, and a couple samples from the Roland SP808 I had just bought.  This is a direct transfer from the cassette, no mastering or anything, so it’s pretty raw sounding, though I guess that was kind of par for the course compared to what we do today.  And yes, I was really into trance at the time, so no need to comment on that  🙂

As I’ve mentioned before, I initially got into writing electronic music from a live pa perspective.  So the title of this set is something I’ve always thought was very descriptive for the way I perform, and I’ve continued to borrow the name for all of the live sets I’ve created since.

Anyway, hopefully some of you get a kick out of this or at least a chuckle.  Feel free to share your earliest recordings in the comments too!


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  1. Fun set! I’ve always dug lower-fi stuff. My earliest things involved: a 4-track, tape loops on a crappy reel-to-reel, drum patterns from consumer-oriented Yamaha keyboards through guitar effects pedals, effects-heavy guitar feedback drones–though I never thought to combine them into a composition. Basically, I have a lot of sketches and texture-focused stuff leading up to my first proper “tracks.”

    I don’t have all my older stuff readily available, but most of it was of the “beat workout” ilk. One example. with what I think is the first official use of the Sidstation on any of my tracks is Agraph: (Noisy d ‘n b done in Cakewalk, digital audio barring the Sid. Beat from 1998, fleshed out in early 2000 when I got the Sid.)

    I had a couple of tracks from the electronic music studio class in college, but I don’t have them online due to certain samples contained therein.

    Here’s a track from around the same time as Agraph (late 2000?), where I was fortunate enough to borrow someone’s K2000RS: I still like both of these, so I might be cheating a bit by including them. 🙂

    Ooo, I should put up an early beat workout of mine involving Cool Edit-manipulated Hammerhead breaks and an answering machine message! It’s fun.

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