Sometimes you just want someone with more experience and a world-class monitoring chain to quickly help you fine tune your mixdowns. Maybe you’re not ready for mastering yet, or you want to mix and master the track yourself, and want an experienced opinion on how you can improve the sonics of your song. Or you just want the peace of mind via unbiased feedback that everything sounds great already!

For those situations I now offer a track consulting service for $40 a song. Submit a wav or aiff file of the song via my File Uploader page, and make the appropriate payment via the options below.

Once I have the payment and song, I’ll send you some brief notes on ways I think you could improve the song, be it the mixdown, your own mastering, or maybe something in the arrangement needs tweaking. If there’s some specific problem you’re having with the song, just let me know in advance.

Submitting Your Payment

Payments can be made by via the PayPal shopping cart below, or by clicking on the Square Market Place logo if you wish to pay directly with a Credit or Debit card.

Track Consulting Payments

If you have any questions, contact me at: