We’re Off!

Well, the movers came on Friday and packed up the house and my studio, and luckily it went very well.  I felt bad for the guy assigned to my room though, it by far had the heaviest items, oops.  🙂


Of course, I couldn’t stop working until the very end, but at least I had a guard dog to keep the movers away until the very end.  Definitely a bit sad to leave the room I’ve come to know so well behind, but I’m hopeful the next space will be even better.

A few last things to take care of in Seattle, then we start our journey to Chicago, and finally to Luxembourg.  The weather in Seattle is unseasonably warm, mid-60’s (15C) in January.  At least with the house all packed, we have a little bit of free time.  It was nice getting to sit outside and jam with the new electribe a couple times over the last few days.  Really enjoying this little box, some of the sounds I’m getting are amazing.

Outdoor Studio 08

At this rate I’ll have enough patterns written by the time we get to Luxembourg that I’ll have both a more uptempo set ready to go, as well as a more chill downtempo set.  Good stuff, now I have to figure out how I’ll do transitions, hmm…

Until next time, peace and beats.

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