Whitefalls – Novation Circuit Jam


Whitefalls Mini Live Set <- Audio Link
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I’ve been spending a lot of time lately playing with my new Novation Circuit, and I have to say I’m still really impressed with it.  Finally managed to record something too, a little mini test of how I might play live with just the Circuit.  This is more a proof of concept than an actual performance, I just wanted to see if this way of working is something I want to pursue more of in the future.

Since there’s no way to copy synths and their patterns from one Session to another on the Circuit, I instead ended up writing the set linearly.  That is, I start with one Session, get it sounding the way I like, then copy it to a new part.  From here I replace one of the synths with a new sound (and patterns) and make some slight tweaks to the drums for variety.  Then I copy this one to the next Session, replace the first synth sound, tweak some drums, rinse and repeat.

This gives me enough flexibility to tweak things during the set, and makes sure that transitions from one Session to the next aren’t too abrupdt.  Of course the downside is that you have to play all your songs in the same order every time too, otherwise the transitions don’t work.  Oh well, it’s not a huge deal for me and I have a feeling that I’ll likely be pairing the Circuit with something else anyway soon.

Enjoy the music, and I’ll write some more long-term thoughts about the Circuit once I’ve had a couple more weeks with it.

Peace and beats,

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